Stages of Successful Innovation

Innovation is the key to build better societies and better services. Like everything else, you need to follow some steps in this process. In this article, we will talk about the stages of successful innovation.
What Are the Stages of Successful Innovation?
Anyone with a dream and motivation wants to make an innovation. But ideas and motivation alone are not enough to make your innovation successful. You will need more especially if you are innovating a product or a service.

1.Identify User Needs
First and most importantly, you need to identify the user needs. An innovation that does not meet any needs is doomed to fail. Also, you need to convince the user that they need your innovation as did Steve Jobs with Apple.

2.Identify Differentiation Factors
In the meantime, you will need extensive market research. Here, you can identify the areas you can differentiate yourself from other companies or start-ups. Try to understand the gaps in the sector and fill those gaps with your ideas.

3.Test Before Deployment
Testing is the key stage of successful innovation. If you deploy or go live without testing, you can end up with hundreds of errors. And this will decrease your chances for success.

4.Be Open for Making Changes
In the testing stage, you might end up with errors, usability issues or practicality problems. At this stage, be open to making changes. Take the testing feedback and try to adapt your current product to eliminate all the errors.

5.Integrate with Existing Solutions
Successful innovation does not need to be something entirely new. You can find opportunities to integrate with existing solutions. The important thing here is to find the gaps and demand to integrate your innovation.

When you follow these five stages of successful innovation, you can turn your dreams and motivation into something real.